You are a multinational company Send and receive intragroup transfers substantially faster and cheaper than relying on banks

  • Real-time processing Move money between group companies
    (subsidiaries) in real‑time, without
    correspondent banks.
  • Global coverage Connect any of your subsidiaries, independent
    of global location and gain real‑time access
    to the group’s net liquidity
  • Traceability Full traceability of funds and matching
    of inter‑company transactions

Key features of Kable for intragroup transfers

  • Scalable
    • Capacity to process multiple cross-border transfers simultaneously
    • Real-time access to the group’s liquidity
  • Interoperable
    • Integration with existing systems and standards
    • Ability to connect traditional and emerging financial networks
  • Efficient cash management
    • Direct inter-company settlement with no banking intermediaries
    • Reduces the need for external funding
    • Provides data and insight into inter-company lending and cash positions (control)
  • Speed and automation
    • Intragroup payments automatically executed on our platform allow for payments to arrive at the recipient digitally within ten minutes, and converted into local currency in less than 24 hours (depending on banking speed)
    • Streamlining payment processes leading to a reduction in manual operations and improved controls
  • Security
    • By using state-of-the-art blockchain technologies, payments are processed securely and transparently. You can track the whereabouts of your funds at all times.
    • Decentralised network containing a single source of truth

How does Kable work?

Kable provides a fast, secure and cost-efficient way to complete end-to-end intragroup transfers using blockchain technology.

  • Group company

    Group companies or subsidiaries
    settle funds through Kable

  • Kable

    Converts the funds instantly to
    the chosen currency and passes the full amount
    instantly to the headquarters

  • Headquarters

    Headquarters centralises liquidity and has real-time access to global liquidity

The current process for cross-border transfers relies on intermediaries (correspondent banks) before reaching the ultimate physical location. The process is slow, with a series of hidden fees.

Kable offers new possibilities, with no geographical borders, middlemen or opacity that has plagued legacy intragroup payments, with the added benefits of

Fast processing

so companies can move value the way they move information today

Potential for lower fees

with no hidden conversion fees and low transaction cost

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BNR Zakendoen

Kable's CFO was a panelist at the Dutch Business News Radio's "BRN Zakendoen", discussing how businesses can use blockchain for international payments.

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