Fast and cost-effective international business transfers

The best way to send and receive payments
for import and export companies.

  • Fast Receive money in less than 1 business day
  • Cheap Low transaction cost, no hidden conversion fees
  • Secure Full transparency about the funds transfer with blockchain technology

Use kable for international business transfers and get

  • Speed

    Send and receive international foreign currency transfers as fast as 4h. Bank account to bank account.

  • Save on your transaction

    You get more money for your money. We do not charge account fees and offer steeply discounted transaction fees. Companies simply save on international transfers, by reducing the number of banking intermediaries involved and by decreasing the foreign exchange bid-ask spreads.

  • Security

    By using blockchain technology, transfers are processed securely and transparently. You can track the whereabouts of your funds at all times.

  • Personal service

    We strive to give clients the best experience possible. We are there for you at all times, helping you with all your international transfer needs. And, we even help you to further grow your business by making introductions and connections.

  • No obligations

    You decide if and when you want to use our services. You can use Kable for one-off transfers, or for continuous transactions. And you can stop at any time.

How does kable work?

Kable provides a fast, secure and cost-efficient way to complete end-to-end international business transfers using blockchain technology.

  • Import company

    Import companies pay their invoice to Kable in local currency

  • kable

    Converts the funds instantly to Bitcoin, and passes the full amount instantly to the Export company

  • Export company

    The Export company can choose to receive Bitcoin directly, or converted to local currency on their bank account

Using kable’s automated end-to-end solution, international transfers can be achieved significantly faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Kable offers two tools to improve your international trade transaction


Kable can hold the transfer in escrow in our platform and release the funds upon obtaining formal trade documentation (e.g. bill of lading).


Kable can offer financing solutions via partners to lower the capital requirements for the transaction.