Fast and cost-effective international business transfers

Pay suppliers, contractors and service providers in 66 countries, powered by blockchain technology and Sutor Bank's banking API

  • Fast Receive money within 1 business day
  • Real exchange rates Up to 8x cheaper than bank transfers
  • Safe and secure Full transparency:
    send money with confidence
  • The Americas

    • Argentina
    • Peru
  • Europe

    • 28 EU countries
    • (except Germany)
    • Switzerland
  • Asia Pacific

    • Australia
    • Indonesia
    • Singapore
    • Vietnam

How does Kable work?

The current process for cross-border transfers relies on intermediaries (correspondent banks) before reaching the ultimate physical location. The process is slow, with a series of hidden fees. Kable solves this problem using blockchain technology:

  • Sender

    Deposit funds in local currency and complete simple payment instructions

  • Kable

    Converts the funds instantly at the real exchange rate

  • Recipient

    The recipient receives the full amount in local currency on their bank account

Kable provides an end-to-end solution using blockchain and its global partnership network. This enables businesses to make cross-border payments in almost any currency to more than 66 countries, without the need for local bank accounts.

Kable partners with licensed Sutor Bank to offer world-wide blockchain-based international payments.

Sutor bank

Kable uses Sutor Bank's "Business Process Banking" platform to execute and perform international business payments via Sutor's API account.

Kable offers new possibilities, with no geographical borders, middlemen or opacity that has plagued legacy intragroup payments, with the added benefits of

Fast processing

so companies can move value the way they move information today

Lower fees

with no hidden conversion fees and low transaction cost

What our customers say about Kable

What really surprised me in addition to the time and cost savings was the fact that we have full control of the exchange rate. Our company saved 68% of the money transfer cost compared to a regular bank transfer and within 1 hour we knew the exact EUR-CNY foreign exchange rate they were getting when sending money to China.

Founder, European e-commerce store

We regularly transfer funds between our global subsidiary network. We are impressed with the solution that Kable offers. We can now move money around the globe in hours, for some markets even in minutes.

Head of Treasury, European corporate

As a freelance developer, I used my bank to receive international payments and probably lost thousands in bank fees. Now I use Kable and my payments arrive the same day, instead of in 3-5 days. The real exchange rate makes a significant difference to both the sender and the beneficiary of the transfer.

Independent designer, Croatia

Use Kable for international business transfers and get

  • Speed

    Send and receive international foreign currency transfers as fast as 4 hours. Bank account to bank account.

  • Save on your transaction

    You get more money for your money. We do not charge account fees and offer steeply discounted transaction fees. Companies simply save on international transfers, by reducing the number of banking intermediaries involved and by using real exchange rates.

  • Security

    By using blockchain technology, transfers are processed securely and transparently. You can track the whereabouts of your funds at all times.

  • Personal service

    We strive to give clients the best experience possible. We are there for you at all times, helping you with all your international transfer needs. And, we even help you to further grow your business by making introductions and connections.

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BNR Zakendoen

Kable's CFO was a panelist at the Dutch Business News Radio's "BRN Zakendoen", discussing how businesses can use blockchain for international payments.

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